That's So Over

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Haven’t blogged anything in like a year+. That’s how incredibly adorable is, it brought me back from the dead. 


I want to cut my hair pretty short, but I’m afraid I’ll look like a sheep

what to do? Is there a way to see what I’ll look like??

It’s not that I want to have friends
I just want to have people in my life that 
I don’t mind being alone around


clara bow’s downfall stemmed from a series of scandals in which nationwide tabloids published that she fucked dogs

The publisher of the tabloid then tried to blackmail Bow, offering to cease printing the stories for $25,000, which led to his arrest by federal agents and, later, an eight-year prison sentence.”

Such a memorable monster! Creepy as fuhhh


Kohta Hirano from “Highschool of the Dead”


Me when I get home from work

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